I Think I Can Hear You; M&L by Carole King; Sung by Mary Tufts

I Think I Can Hear You


What must I do? How can I serve you

Is it true what I do is the way to be near you.

I'm listening though sometimes I can't hear you.

Looking around fills me with wonder at the way

you can keep this old world running smoothly.

Thinking of you always seems to soothe me.

I know you're probably not a man or a woman

Or a time or a season, but I'm here and life is dear

And I gutess that's a good enough reason to say

Just let me do what you put me here to

Let me be what you want me to be

And I hope it'll cheer you.

I'm listening and I think I can hear you.

Even when I thought I didn't believe,

You believed in me; and everyone is a part of you

And anyone can know you.

All they've got to do is be

I'm listening and I think I can hear you.

Copyright 1972 by Colgents Music Corp, New York, N.Y.

Used by permission