Unity Outreach Tree Results!

In our first year EVER of having a "Unity Outreach Tree," we had a HUGE result.

Instead of decorating our sanctuary Christmas tree with the usual Christmas ornaments, we decorated it with Christmas Cards - with various amounts of money being donated behind each card.  The proceeds from the amounts donated netted a whopping ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY SIX DOLLARS! Here are the details regarding the check presentation:

On January 14, 2019, Reverend Janie Kelley from Unity Spiritual Center of San Angelo, presented a check to Tina Medrano of the Children’s Emergency Shelter and the Concho Valley Home For Girls. Throughout the Christmas season, individuals purchased Christmas Cards in varying amounts, and hung these cards on the “Unity Outreach Tree” in the church sanctuary.   This was the first year for purchasing Christmas Cards to support the community.  The Center is currently making plans for their annual “Great San Angelo Chili Cookoff” coming up in April – (April 27th of this year).

Practical Christianity at its finest--it's what Unity Spiritual Center in San Angelo is all about! 

Pictured L2R in the presentation is Tina Medrano, Reverend Janie Kelley, Jeff Greenwood, Jim Tufts and Valerie Queen - all members of the "Core Values" committee which puts the "core values" of our church (Abundance, Compassion, Diversity, Joyful and Non-judgment) to practical applications for our church in general and San Angelo in particular!