Sunday Lesson

January 2021 Meditation
  • Pause, take a deep breath, and release.
  • Put your hands on your heart and connect.
  • Breathe in with I am and out with in God.
  • Enjoy this excellent meditation from Silent Unity.
Toolie Wiedenhofer--"The Meaning of Advent" - November 29, 2020
"Embracing Community" by Alicia Trillo
Meditation on "Creating A Better World" - Dott Richardel

This meditation is soooo appropos.  Enjoy (and Relax)!

"Creating A Better World" - "the talk" by Dott Richardel
"Everything Is Beautiful" - New arrangement performed by Valerie Queen
"Something About Faith" - Gary Laney
"Granted" by Josh Groban - performed by Valerie Queen
"One Life To Live" - Musical entertainment by Tamara Laney
Hand Pan Solo--beautiful meditation music from Rae Denton