Sunday Lesson

"Everything Is Beautiful" - New arrangement performed by Valerie Queen
"Something About Faith" - Gary Laney
"Granted" by Josh Groban - performed by Valerie Queen
"One Life To Live" - Musical entertainment by Tamara Laney
Hand Pan Solo--beautiful meditation music from Rae Denton
"Healing and Whole At The Same Time" - Jennifer Shawker
The Burning Bowl - Becky Benes

This talk was presented on December 29, 2019 - in anticipation of a brand new year with new starts, hopes, and joys.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" - Dott Richardel

This recording include a fantastic spiritual reading by Natie Munoz on the same subject.

Where In Hell Is Heaven? - Gary Laney
Jay Gannaway - "Out of Your Comfort Zone"