Sunday Lesson

"Prayer" - a talk by Mary Tufts

What IS Prayer?  Mary Tufts gives this interesting and informative discovery into the subject.

I Think I Can Hear You; M&L by Carole King; Sung by Mary Tufts

I Think I Can Hear You


What must I do? How can I serve you

Is it true what I do is the way to be near you.

I'm listening though sometimes I can't hear you.

Looking around fills me with wonder at the way

you can keep this old world running smoothly.

Thinking of you always seems to soothe me.

I know you're probably not a man or a woman

Or a time or a season, but I'm here and life is dear

And I gutess that's a good enough reason to say

Just let me do what you put me here to

Let me be what you want me to be

And I hope it'll cheer you.

I'm listening and I think I can hear you.

Even when I thought I didn't believe,

You believed in me; and everyone is a part of you

And anyone can know you.

All they've got to do is be

I'm listening and I think I can hear you.

Copyright 1972 by Colgents Music Corp, New York, N.Y.

Used by permission


"Letting Go" by Reverend Janie L. Kelley
Special Music with Rae Denton
"How Gratitude Changes Everything" - Reverend Janie L. Kelley
Design Default and Awareness -- Reverend Janie L. Kelley
"A Soft Place To Land" - Jennifer Shawker, Guest Speaker
The Burning Bowl Ritual--Reverend Janie Kelley

THis is the narrative from the service this morning concerning the burning bowl.  You may make up your own burning bowl ceremony.  THis is a general oral guide.

"I Am Joy" - Reverend Janie Kelley
If I Had The Faith - Lori Jo Thomas; Perf by Lori Jo Thomas and Tamara Laney