Sunday Lesson

If I Had The Faith - Lori Jo Thomas; Perf by Lori Jo Thomas and Tamara Laney
Walk In Faith - Reverend Janie Kelley
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity--Janie Kelley (Audio only)
Stake Your Claim - Reverend Janie Kelley
"The Thinker" M&L by Sue Riley; Performed by Tamara Laney

 I am the thinker who thinks

the thought,

That changes things,

that shape my life.

I am the thinker who

thinks the thought.

I have the power to change my life.

"A New Way Of Thinking" - Janie Kelley
"Summer Summer Samba" by Tamara Laney; Congas by Angel Noriega
"Drawing On The Source" by Reverend Janie Kelley
"I've Got The Power" M&L by Karen Drucker; Perf by Tamara Laney
"Conscious Manifestation" by Reverend Janie Kelley