Taize Prayer

"Come join us on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for Taize meditation/prayer at 12:30.    Alicia Trillo leads this group.

Taize is a form of Christian prayer originating from the ecumenical Christian community of Taize in France.

Alicia states 'I was introduced to it at a new thought church in Dallas many years ago, and later was  thrilled to find a Taize group at an Episcopalian church in Alpine.'

The music of Taize is a repetitive singing of prayer chants that focus on simple phrases, often from Scripture. It serves as a kind of musical centering prayer, with scripture readings from Psalms &  quotes from Rumi, Kahlil Gibran and others.
Because Taize music itself is intentionally simple, it provides a great way to move our prayer from the head to the heart. The repetitiveness of the music and prayer creates a meditative prayer experience."

Taize defined: a Christian ecumenical monastic community founded in Taizé, France in 1940

Taizé was, and always had been, resolutely ecumenical, taking brothers from all Christian sects and basing itself on love, reconciliation and forgiveness; there was much space for searching there, but none for dogmatism.

A typical Taizé service contains chant-like simple songs repeated many times, with periods of silence, readings and prayer. The first known use of Taizé was in 1955

What is the objective of the Taizé prayer?

In the Spirit of Taizé is an ecumenical (open to all Christians) form of prayer modeled after the Taizé community (an ecumenical Christian monastic community of brothers) founded in the 1940's by Br. Roger in Taizé, France. The purpose of the prayer is to foster reconciliation and peace among all people.

  • “What is best in our life grows out of a simple trust in God.”